Geo Markers

Geocaching is a great way to encourage people to get outside and beat the summer blues with a fun, simple activity that requires minimal equipment or preparation. Implement geocaching into your town to increase tourism and promote your city. Participants with access to a phone or a GPS already have most of what they need to get started.

At Erie Landmark, we provide long-lasting geo markers that will endure the weather, giving you everything you need to set up geocaching courses this summer.

What Is Geocaching and How Does It Work?

Geocaching is a scavenger hunt for people who enjoy being out and about in their local town or park. Participants can either use an app or do some research online to find nearby caches, then follow the directions to get to the markers.

When someone finds a geo marker, they get to see what kind of reward was left for them. Most caches have small prizes such as tokens, coupons or keychains in addition to a paper to sign to identify who’s found it.

Encourage participants to bring a little prize and leave it behind if they plan on taking anything from the cache with them! This way, the tradition can continue, and others can enjoy the hunt in the future.

What Is a Geo Marker?

A geo marker is a small metal disk that identifies a geocaching benchmark, the place where a geocache is stashed. You can use the markers to help find benchmarks and mark the spot as you hide a new geocache for others to discover.

You can place the markers on sidewalks with QR codes that reveal information about their location or attach them to the lids of waterproof containers or cans and hide small prizes inside.

Erie Landmark provides durable survey markers that will last for years to come and can even be customized and sand cast to represent the place you want to stash it.

New Ideas to Attract Tourists

Geocaching is an exciting and unique activity that can help attract new visitors to your town. Adding geo markers to your park or town center and advertising the adventure to the public can create an original family activity that people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities can enjoy.

You can even bring local businesses in on the fun with these simple ideas:


  • Encourage businesses to contribute small trinkets with their logos for cache prizes.
  • Offer discounts at local businesses for people who bring in specific geocache prizes.
  • Start a monthly or yearly drawing for free movie tickets or a free dinner at a local establishment on a geocache’s signature sheet.


Shop for Geo Markers With Erie Landmark

Whether you’re considering adding geocaches to your community or need new markers for an additional course, Erie Landmark’s geo markers will make it even easier to get people involved. Visitors can have fun trying a new activity while getting rewards promoting local business.

We can refinish our products multiple times to ensure your absolute satisfaction, and we even offer a complimentary five-year warranty that covers natural wear and tear.

You can contact us today for further information or submit a pricing request to get a cost estimate.

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