House Name Plaques 7×7

bronze front door plaque with address

House Name Plaques

House plaques are a great way to add a higher level of elegance and style to your home. These plaques, which can feature your family name, address and a pattern and/or phrase of your choice, make it easier for those driving by to find your home and lets everyone in the neighborhood know that you take pride in your home and your family.

Erie Landmark for House Name Plaques

Erie Landmark is the perfect company to contact if you are seeking an attractive, durable house plaque for your home. We craft both aluminum house plaques and bronze house plaques according to your preference. Our bronze house plaques are made from higher-quality Oshalloy bronze, while our aluminum plaques are made from 319 aluminum so you can be sure you can count on these plaques to look great and last for years.

personalized bronze house plaque with family name and address

Each of our plaques come with a five-year warranty for normal wear and tear, and we can refinish them multiple times whenever you feel they need freshening up.

Why Erie Landmark for House Name Plaques?

Erie Landmark is a family company that treats you like family. Our roots go back over 80 years, and a big reason for our longevity is our deep commitment to customer service. When you call Erie Landmark for assistance, you can be confident you will speak with someone with a deep passion for creating beautiful plaques and who will become familiar with your specific plaque needs very quickly.

Better materials, superior craftsmanship and a focus on the customer is why our bronze and aluminum house name plaques are the best in the business. To start on your own customized house name plaque, please contact us at Erie Landmark today.

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