Personalized Home Plaques with Address 7×7

personalized bronze home plaque with family name and address

House Name Plaques

You take great pride in your home, and a wonderful way to show that pride of ownership and celebrate your family is with a beautiful bronze personalized house plaque. You can enhance your home’s curb appeal, make it easier for others to find your home and stand out in the neighborhood with a personalized address plaque that includes your family name, address and the design and/or message of your choice.

Choose Erie Landmark for Personalized Plaques for the Home

When it comes to name plaques for your house, Erie Landmark is the established authority. We have cast countless personalized house plaques and can tailor one to meet your specific vision personalized bronze house plaque with family name and addressfor your home. Our beautiful personalized house plaques come in either Oshalloy bronze or 319 aluminum. Whichever you choose, you can be sure your personalized house plaque will reflect the quality that your home deserves.

Your personalized house plaque includes a five-year warranty for normal wear and tear, but you can expect to enjoy your plaque for many years beyond that, with multiple refinishing opportunities available to keep it looking its best.

Erie Landmark Is Central PA’s Favorite Plaque Provider

If you ask around for the best place to get a custom bronze or aluminum plaque, you can expect to hear Erie Landmark from the people who know. That’s because we have roots in this community that go back to 1937, and in all our years, we have never forgotten that customer satisfaction is job one.

We can’t wait to hear from you and learn your ideas about your design for your personalized house plaque. Any representative you speak to will be more than happy to tell you all about how we work and talk you through the process. Contact us today!

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