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Why invest in a metal plaque for your business? On the surface, it’ll help identify your organization to the public. At Erie Landmark Company, we believe a business plaque is much more — it’s an opportunity to distinguish your services and create a statement that endures.

Say you operate from a historical location and want to display that fact with pride, or you’d like to dedicate your building much like a traditional cornerstone. Our professional craftspeople, sculptors and engravers are willing to fulfill your organization’s vision, whatever the message you wish to communicate. With our high-quality materials and deep personalization, our signage can suit any commercial purpose.

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Aluminum and Bronze Business Plaques

Our specialty plaques at Erie Landmark Company are cast from aluminum and bronze. Both materials are robust and weather-resistant, so they can mount on your interior or exterior surfaces.

Bronze plaques have a reputation as strong as its composition and presents a classic, eye-catching sheen. Though its price is slightly higher than aluminum, a bronze office plaque is a bold and traditional piece that will last as long as your structure and develop a rich patina as it ages.

While aluminum plaques are of softer material, the sleek, silvery finish offers a contemporary and enviable look for your business.

If the hope is that your business will be run by multiple family generations, our plaques have exceptional durability to represent your continuing legacy. To increase the longevity of the product, we use a protective clear coat on every plaque we deliver, backed by our five-year warranty against wear and tear.

Types of Business Plaques We Cast

We’re passionate about meeting our customers’ demands, so our designs will closely align with your business. Options include:

  • National Register plaques: We create signs for public and private organizations to recognize a site’s historical significance. These markers are a great way to drive interest in your business and support engagement with the community. We have standard historic plaques and fully customizable plaques to detail with text and educate your guests.
  • Law office plaques: Conveying your professionalism is high on the agenda for law firms. Our law office plaques can list each of your associates and will express confidence whether placed outside your suite or inside your lobby.
  • Building dedication plaques: Mark the construction or major milestone of your building with a standout plaque. You can request relief images or engravings to share your structure’s appearance or commemorate the people who built what it is today.
  • Custom bronze and aluminum plaques: From depicting your logo to sharing your services, we have virtually endless design possibilities for your custom plaque.

Order Your Business Plaque From Erie Landmark Company

At our family-run foundry, nothing matters more than the value and satisfaction you receive from a new, custom plaque. Let our more than 80 years of expertise shape a symbol to be proud of at your business.

As part of our policy, we begin casting only when you approve of the final design concept for your business plaque. We’ll guide you through the design process and be there to answer any of your questions, down to every last detail.

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