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Historical Markers

History is all around us, whether we’re in the process of making it or remembering a time gone by. While we can always hold on to precious and significant moments in our memory, a plaque or marker makes that memory feel more real.

Erie Landmark Company specializes in historical markers of all kinds. We craft markers for the things that affect us personally, like the loss of a loved one, and those that shape us as a community, like a relic of the way we were or a remembrance of a significant event.

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Aluminum and Bronze Historic Plaques

We manufacture both aluminum and bronze historical plaques. Our in-house foundry allows us to exercise an extremely high level of quality control, ensuring that all products stand the test of time.

Bronze is a classic choice for a historical marker — it is durable, maintenance-free and develops a rich, mature patina over time. In fact, a bronze historical marker can last for 500 years or more.

We also offer aluminum as a cost-effective alternative. Our aluminum historical markers look great and will last a long time. However, they are a lighter, softer metal, which means they more susceptible to damage by hard objects.

Types of Historical Marker Signs

We specialize in several varieties of historical marker signs, including:

  • National Register Plaques: Is your property on the National Register of Historic Places? Let everyone know with a National Register plaque from Erie Landmark Company — we have several templates that make putting together an attractive house plaque easy and affordable.
  • Custom National Register Plaques: Want a plaque that will make your historic property stand out? Our custom historic house plaques let you create a truly unique design. Change the shape or size, add personal details, or incorporate a photo or other etching — with our skilled artisans, anything is possible, including roadside historical markers that command attention.
  • Navy Ship Plaques: Commemorate a ship with a naval plaque from Erie Landmark Company. We work with government and military agencies as well as private citizens with decommissioned naval ships to create attractive, three-dimensional insignia. All naval plaques feature a clear coat finish to prevent damage due to wind, water and salt.
  • Government and Military Seals: You’ll find our government and military seals on official buildings and offices, statues, army bases, ships and more. We have molds for the official seals of the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marines, as well as the Great Seal of the United States and other official insignia.
  • Custom Plaques: Not every historical plaque has to fit an existing standard. We offer fully custom plaques that bring your creative vision to life.
  • Bas Relief Plaques: Bas relief sculpture adds a unique artistic touch to any custom historical plaque. Our artisans can work with a photo and create an attractive sculpture that turns a historical marker into a work of art.
  • Memorial Bench Plaques: Memorial benches are another common application for our historical plaques. Whether you’re accenting a public garden or your backyard, our bronze and aluminum products offer long-term durability.
  • Metal, Etched and Ceramic Photos: Want to incorporate a custom image into your historical plaque? We offer several options for doing so.
  • Roadside Markers: If you offer a driving tour, consider roadside markers to commemorate structures or describe significant stops along the tour.

Our Historical Plaque Process

Whichever type of historical plaque you need, every job starts with a consultation with our team. We’ll go over your options and put together a proof, as well as a detailed estimate outlining all costs involved and a time frame for completion.

Once you’ve signed off on that, we’ll get started in our foundry. We create your plaque using our no-bake sand casting process, then finish the result by hand to ensure all the fine details are captured. Then, we ship the finished product to you.

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