The Erie Landmark Difference

Erie Landmark crafts custom plaques from your imagination to make them uniquely your own.

What makes Erie Landmark plaques different?

  • We are not a “cookie cutter” plaque maker– we go beyond standard designs- too many to capture in our capabilities! Our in house artist works with you to make a plaque unique to your organization. Our plaques are American made and hand crafted to your specifications.
  • The quality is unmatched– we personally touch each plaque throughout the process. Our hand sanding ensures accuracy to meet your expectations. You can’t achieve this quality with a machine!
  • Surprising pricing– in our case cheaper is better! We compared our plaques with most competitors and the weight alone displays a higher quality. With us, you aren’t paying for extensive overhead and you reap those benefits for your budget.
  • Our Experience– we have been creating custom plaques in our family owned foundry since 1937. The third generation is in leadership with the fourth generation learning the ropes.
  • Your Experience Matters– The Erie Landmark Personal Touch carefully guides you through the process. You will be delighted when you receive your custom product, hand crafted by American artisans.

How We Set Ourselves Apart

Before choosing a memorial to honor an event or loved one, it’s essential to know that many plaques vary from company to company. One of the most critical things to consider when creating a plaque is the cemetery’s regulations. Most cemeteries regulate plaques based on size, material and other factors.

At Erie Landmark, our plaques are much more durable and offer significantly longer life spans because we utilize thicker materials and perform all our casting by hand. Our products stand up to the daily wear and tear of most lawn equipment and other factors that can make plaques unreadable over time. Our plaques also last longer because they are thicker and can often take more abuse without damage.

Through each phase of the manufacturing process, we give our plaques the extra attention and care they need to maintain their timeless beauty. We’re committed to going the extra mile to ensure your products last as long as possible.

Although many cemeteries and funeral homes make it seem like you need to buy through them, our markers comply with most cemetery rules and regulations. Once you ask one of these organizations for their specific rules, we can review them with you to ensure compliance. 

The Erie Landmark Personal Touch

The Erie Landmark Personal Touch is what you experience from your first contact with our friendly program service representative. Our representatives will personally and carefully guide you through every step of the process. Erie Landmark makes your historical plaque program an easy, stress-free, and satisfying experience for you.

Historical Plaque Programs

Historic plaques shouldn’t come one size fits all. Erie Landmark excels at making your vision become a reality. Get as creative as you want — include your logo, a unique image or any particular shape — we have the expertise to finish the job.

Historical plaques can be used in a variety of ways and are customized to meet your goals:

  • Historical plaques support and build a sense of community.
  • Neighborhoods can identify the significance of original buildings and locations.
  • Historic plaques don’t require National Register approval.
  • Drive tourism dollars into the community.
  • Historical plaques may also create revenue for your organization

Contact Erie Landmark Today

If you’re ready to create a high-quality custom plaque that will endure the test of time, the Erie Landmark team can help. Connect with us online or call 717-322-0663 to request pricing or obtain additional product information.

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