Our Process

At Erie Landmark Company, a division of Paul W. Zimmerman Foundries, we specialize in custom plaques for homes, businesses, cemetery plots and historical areas. Our team is dedicated to providing a plaque that reflects your vision and gives your space a personalized touch. Take a look at our 7-step process, and order your own custom plaque today.



1. Choose Your Plaque Type

The design process starts with selecting a type. We offer bronze or aluminum plaques, and we make them for various purposes. We can design a plaque for:

2. Fill Out Our Contact Form

Once you decide on the type of plaque you want, you can fill out our contact form. To get the best results from our design team, make sure to be as specific as possible when describing your vision. If you have a specific border in mind, such as a single line, double line, inset, bevel, band bevel, straight edge or custom border, be sure to mention that. Be sure to also mention your desired font, if you have one in mind. You can find some of our most used typestyles here, but we have many others available, as well.

Also, keep in mind what surface you plan to mount the plaque onto and how you will be mounting it. For drywall and wood, we recommend front mounting with holes through the face of the plaque. For brick, stone, and stucco surfaces, we recommend rear mounting with holes in the back of the plaque with studs. Include any phrases and images and where you’d like them to be on the plaque.

3. Preliminary Artwork and Estimate

When we receive your contact form, we start the preliminary design stage. During this step, our artists turn your plaque description into a design draft and create a preliminary estimate of your project. From that point, you recommend changes if a detail doesn’t quite match your vision. Then, we’ll revise our draft until it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

After we’ve reached a design that you’re happy with, we provide an accurate estimate for your plaque.

4. Design and Proof Approval

Upon your approval of the proof and pricing, our team can begin the pattern process. 

5. Production

Our team begins production after the pattern process. We are experts in custom plaque-making and take the time to create a product that matches your vision.  This step can take 4-6 weeks, but we do offer rush fees if you need your plaque completed sooner. Our price increases are as follows:

  • 4 weeks for 10% extra
  • 3 weeks for 20% extra
  • 2 weeks for 30% extra

Our process is hands-on each step of the way to give you a unique and personalized product. Your custom plaque also comes with a protective clear coat to keep the product in good condition.  

6. Shipping

Once we finish production, we’ll have a brand-new plaque to ship right to your door. We send it to you in protective plastic and Styrofoam to ensure it stays safe during transit. We’ll also include mounting screws in a small bag, so you’ll have everything you need to hang your plaque when it arrives.

7. Enjoy Your Custom Cast Plaque

You’ll receive your plaque in the mail, customized according to your request. All that’s left is to hang your beautiful, unique plaque and enjoy it for years to come. Feel free to send us a photo of your plaque in it’s forever home and leave a review on Google about your experience working with Erie Landmark Company!

Contact Erie Landmark Company for a Custom Plaque

Erie Landmark Company can create a custom cast plaque that matches your wants and needs with plaques in all shapes and sizes. To get started, browse our plaque selection and fill out our contact form today.  If you need a little more help or direction, please feel free to call us at 800-874-7848. 

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