Glossary of Terms


A “silver” in color, light weight metallic chemical element.


You must approve of all pricing and artwork before we put any job into production. This can be by signature on a fax or by computer.


Refers to the pattern on the blank area of the plaque. We currently use a pebbled finish and smooth finish. Backgrounds are used to camouflage the natural imperfections in bronze sand casting.

Bas relief

A sculpture in which figures project slightly from a flat background. Bas reliefs are used for portraits, seals, and any fancy design you want to be dimensional.

Blind mount / rear mount

This is where the holes are drilled into the rear of the plaque. These holes do not go the entire way through the plaque. You would then screw the studs into the back of the plaque and mark your drill areas accordingly. This type of mount is recommended for brick, cement, rock, and mounting on marble bases.


Border refers to the outside line of the plaque. You can choose to have no line (straight edge border), a single line (one raised line around the entire plaque), a double line (two raised lines spaced evenly around the entire plaque), or a designer border of just about anything imaginable!


A reddish-brown colored alloy of copper and tin.

Cap & bracket

For single and double sided roadside markers. The plaque sits on top of a pole via the cap and bracket system cast directly onto the plaque.

Clamp mount

This is for free standing single sided plaques. The plaque attaches to a pole by a “clamp” attached to the back of the plaque. Pole dimensions needed at time of order.

Custom National Register plaque

A National Register plaque with the addition of the building name, construction date and/or address.

Custom plaques

A plaque designed to meet your specifications.


Dimensional objects that can be added to plaques and grave markers for personalization. Many emblems available.


Etching is the ancient art of engraving with acid on metal. In hard-ground etching, the plate (usually copper or zinc) is given a thin coating of acid-resistant resin. Otherwise known as ground. In artistic etching, a needle is used to expose the metal without penetrating it, drawing the image on the metal. When the design is completed, the plate is submerged in an acid solution that attacks the exposed lines.


Refers to the background of a plaque. This can be finished in a variety of ways. Natural finish is where we wire brush the background to make the natural bronze/aluminum shine. Colored finish is where we paint the back ground and polish the bronze/aluminum letters so they stand out.

Front mount

This is where holes are drilled through the entire plaque. This type of mounting works best for mounting onto wood with wood screws. It is also acceptable for people terrified of mounting without visible holes.

Front mount w/ rosettes

This is where holes are drilled through the front side of the plaque. This type of mounting works best for mounting onto wood with wood screws. The screws would then be covered with a circular “rosette” (patterns available: flowers, stars & special order) which would be epoxied onto the plaque covering the screws.


Logos, line drawings, clip art, photographs and stylized typefaces put onto a plaque to “personalize” the information. All graphics submitted must be 300 dpi or greater.

Lead time

The time it takes from approval of your order until you receive your order. It is usually 4-6 weeks, especially during the busy season of April to September.


Metalphoto is a photographically etched, anodized aluminum suitable for both interior and exterior use. Text, logos, graphics and photographs can be reproduced, either as stand-alone plaques, or mounted onto cast bronze/aluminum plaques. Metal photo offers a versatile alternative for adding photos and graphics.

National Register plaque


Navy plaques

Bas relief plaques of ship insignias in a brown patina affixed to a walnut board. We have may ship patterns available, even for decommissioned ships.

Patina – brown

A brown chemical used to color copper/bronze which makes specific color variations of brown.

Patina – green

A fine greenish “crust” on bronze or copper formed by oxidation.

Roadside marker

18″, 24″ and 36″ plaques that have a cap and bracket cast directly onto the plaque to accommodate a pole. These are used as park signs, town signs, history signs and road markers.


Round bronze/aluminum “flowers” used to cover screws on front mounted plaques. These are use for aesthetics and security purposes.

Routed plaques

Plaques with areas of raised, polished bronze in which we route (etch) information like circa dates, building numbers and builder numbers.

Stainless steel plates

5 1/2″ x 1 7/8″ stainless steel plate that is etched to your specifications with text. We can also drill holes to mount them on walls and benches etc.

Stake mount

We have stakes in 18″, 24″ and 36″ lengths (bronze only). These will be welded directly to the back of your plaque on an angle to allow water to run off the plaque.

Tamper proof screws

We use “snake eye” screws which require a special screw driver to install/uninstall for added security.

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