Bronze Military & Government Seals

Bronze Military Seals and Government Seal Plaques

Bronze military seals and government seal plaques are a wonderful way to pay tribute to our fallen heroes of wars past. You can commission a seal plaque to denote a military, government, courthouse or federal agency building; honor a veteran with a moving memorial; or otherwise display one of these resplendent plaques to indicate reverence and appreciation for our country, its branches of service and its military heroes.Army bas relief seal

Bronze and Aluminum Military Plaques and Seals From Erie Landmark Company

Ordering a custom bronze military plaque or seal from Erie Landmark Company is the perfect way to honor our country and our fallen heroes. We make these plaques and seals out of lustrous, durable bronze and aluminum and cover them with a protective clearcoat. They look beautiful and classic and are sure to last a long time, even when subjected to the elements.

Types of Military Plaques and Government Seal Plaques We Offer

We can cast just about any type of military plaque you need. We are already equipped with the seals of all the branches of the military — Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. We also have the Great Seal of the U.S. and other seals for state and federal government buildings, courthouses, and other state or federal agencies.

We can design a customized plaque based on your specifications. Our team historically employs brilliant sculptors and in-house artists that can create beautiful designs for your plaque. Just call us at 1-800-874-7848 and we will put you in touch with our expert who can help design the perfect plaque to match your vision for your military seal plaque.

Why Choose Erie Landmark Company for Your Military Seal Plaques?

state seal plaqueA military seal plaque is designed to memorialize for years and years to come, and for all those who see it to appreciate our military’s sacrifice. The look and quality of these plaques is too important to rely on just any casting company. Erie Landmark Company enjoys a reputation based on 80 years of exceptional service in the plaque crafting industry.

You can be sure this company’s history, along with its values and commitment to workmanship and customer service, has endured for over three-quarters of a century because we always give you our best. We back that up with a five-year warranty for normal wear and tear and a promise that you can always call us with any issues or concerns.

Order Your Military Seal Plaques and Government Building Plaques From Erie Landmark Company Today

We are a family-owned, close-knit company that excels in craftsmanship and features a team who loves to help our customers get exactly what they are hoping for when it comes to bronze plaques and seals. We urge you to look at some of the samples of our fine work on our website. We are an A+ Better Business Bureau-accredited business with decades of satisfied customers. Let us make your plaques a reality today — contact us online to get started.

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