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Aluminum & Bronze Address Plaques

Erie Landmark Company specializes in creating the finest quality bronze address and house number plaques that will last a lifetime and let your home stand out. Our beautiful and timeless bronze address plaques are crafted using the finest materials, and we use a unique no-bake sand casting method, resulting in an excellent finish. What makes bronze an appealing material to create custom signage is that it is durable and high-quality, corrosion- and weather-resistant and available in several installation options.

With a new bronze address plaque, you can add value and a classic aesthetic to your home. Bronze house plaques are ideal for:

  • Helping new visitors find your home’s address
  • Adding a pleasant, welcoming vibe to your home
  • Showcasing your home’s history, proudly displaying the year it was built or other historic information

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High Quality & Durable Bronze

For hundreds of years, custom cast bronze plaques have been used as historic markers, memorials and signs because of their durability, attractiveness and corrosion and weather resistance. Today, homeowners select new bronze address plaques for their homes because of the elegance and traditional look that can only be achieved with bronze and thoughtful incorporation into their home’s unique architecture. With a new bronze address plaque, your home can:

  • Brilliantly stand out from your neighbors
  • Be easily seen from the street, attracting newcomers

Our bronze address plaques are a quality alternative to the often flimsy plastic and painted tin & zinc address signs. They are crafted with weather-resistant bronze and aluminum, so they are designed to last.

For added assurance, Erie Landmark Company offers a five-year finish warranty for all of our products that undergo normal wear and tear.

Stand Out With Custom Aluminum & Bronze House Plaques

To truly have a stunning and unique bronze plaque, Erie Landmark Company offers a variety of shape, color and font customization options. We also offer in-house design services, and our expert designers can assist you in creating a truly distinctive and unique bronze house plaque. Our customization options include:

  • Material: Plaques are available in durable bronze or aluminum.
  • Border: Select from two border options that fit your style — single line or double line. Custom border styles available for an additional fee.
  • Background Color: Choose from standout hues ranging from black, brown, hunter green, carnival red, royal blue and natural color selections.
  • Coating: All address plaques have a clear protective coating, shielding the bronze and aluminum from the weather — eliminating the need for regular maintenance. For an additional fee, we can even upgrade your clear coat to better withstand the effects of a salt water environment.
  • Mounting: Our address plaques are available in rear or front mounting options. We also offer rosettes to cover screws for front-mounting styles.
  • Font: For added style, we have 11 font selections to choose from or can incorporate custom font styles.
  • Language: You aren’t just limited to your home’s address. You can also add the year your home was built, a family name or house name.

Order Your Custom Bronze Address Plaque

Erie Landmark Company — a division of Paul W. Zimmerman Foundries — is a family-owned company that has specialized in creating custom bronze plaques since 1937. With a new aluminum or bronze address plaque, your home can have a subtle added touch of classic elegance that will last for many years to come. Our friendly and skilled staff can help you design your ideal bronze address plaque, choosing from a wide selection of colors, styles and fonts. In four to six weeks, our expert craftsman will have your house plaque crafted and delivered to your door. If you have questions, complete our online contact form or call 800-874-7848. One of our team members will be happy to speak to you.




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