Frequently Asked Questions

What lasts longer: bronze plaque or aluminum plaque?

Both metals are very long lasting. Aluminum is a softer metal and may not hold the “luster” of bronze. Bronze plaques have been known to last over 500 years.

How do I place an order?

You can use our online website order form, send us an email at, fax us at 717-285-9060 or call 1-800-874-7848 to talk to our order specialists.

The plaque I want is not online – can you still make it?

Yes, we have bronze and aluminum plaques of all shapes and sizes. We can customize bench plaques, roadside markers, national register plaques, cemetery markers, metal photos and etched plaques. There is “no standards” in much of what we produce. Please call us for a free consultation.

Is it more expensive to purchase an oval plaque instead of a square plaque?

No, we price our plaques by the square inch. We measure the longest width by the longest height to get the square inches. We make plaques that are square, triangular, oval, round, in the shape of a keystone and with gooseneck tops. We even cast plaques in the shape of the state of Arkansas. Our motto is if you can think of it – we will make it castable (up to a certain size – call for a free consultation).

Do you have more fonts available other than those listed on the website?

Yes, there are many available fonts. Not all fonts can be used at certain sizes, please call for a free consultation.

What size lettering can I use?

The smallest letter that will cast well is 1/4″. We can cast smaller letters with our fine facing sand, but there may be issues with the centers of the letters (like “A”) to “fill-in” etc. Please call for a free consultation.

How many lines and letters can I get on my plaque?

This depends on the font sizes you choose for each line. The smallest castable letter is approx. 1/4″. We also have to stay at least 1/4″ away from borders and any designs. Also, letters with serifs may run together so we need to space the letters further apart for them to cast without touching. Please call for a free consultation.

Do you have different types of border styles?

The most requested borders are single, double, bevel, band bevel and straight. We have many other options available (e.g. rope, intertwined, floral etc.). Please call for a free consultation.

Can you put a picture on a plaque?

Yes, we can put pictures on your plaque in many ways. Metal photo, etched photo, bas relief, line drawing, and bronze and chrome picture holders with ceramic photos. Please refer to our glossary of terms for descriptions.

Can I put my logo in the plaque?

Yes, any logo can be sent to us in electronic format at 300 dpi or greater. You can also send a crisp black and white photo which we can scan into our computer. Depending on the design of the logo, there may be an additional graphics fee to make the logo “castable”. Refer to “Can you put a picture on a plaque?” for some ideas.

I created a plaque in my word processor – why did you have to create a new layout?

We currently use “Corel” to layout all plaques. This allows us to account for the many “quirks” involved in the sandcasting process. We must have specific spacing for the letters to cast and we must observe certain measurements for correct casting.

What colors are available?

We have black, brown, hunter green and natural in stock. Custom colors are available upon request at an extra fee.

Do you paint the letters?

We currently do not paint the letters and borders of our plaques. We prefer to let the natural shine of the metal complement the plaque to its fullest potential.

Will I see a proof before you cast my order?

All orders must have a signed proof or email stating that the customer has reviewed the proof and find it acceptable to begin casting before we start any job.

Do you give discounts?

Our owners husband is a veteran of the Korean War so he insists on discounts for service institutions like the VA and VFW. We also offer discounts to churches, schools and historical societies.

What if I place an order for multiple plaques?

If the plaque uses the same pattern each time, we offer multiple discounts depending on the quantity ordered – the more you order the higher the discount.

How long will it take to get my order?

4-6 weeks from art approval for plaques, 8-10 weeks for grave markers and roadside markers. Aluminum plaques take longer because we do not get orders for Aluminum plaques as frequently as Bronze plaques. Multiple plaques orders may take longer depending on the total amount of plaques ordered.

What if I need my order sooner than your regular casting time?

To guarantee your order for 4 weeks or less there will be a rush charge added. Some months of the year we are so busy that rush jobs may not be possible (e.g. May). Please call us for more information.

Do you accept credit cards?

We now accept both American Express and Discover along with MasterCard and Visa.

When is payment required?

50% of your total is due at time of order placement and the balance is due before shipping. Purchase orders are required for net 30 billing.

What types of payment can I use?

We accept cash, check, cashier’s check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

How do you ship my order?

We currently ship by UPS and FedEx (we cannot ship to PO boxes via FedEx or UPS). We can ship via the USPS if requested. All plaques are covered in protective plastic and taped to Styrofoam for protection. Your mounting screws will be attached to your plaque in small bags and the entire package placed in an approved shipping box.

How do I keep my plaque clean?

Plaques should not require much to keep clean. If you must clean the surface, use a mild soap in warm water.

How long does your protective lacquer coating last?

We warranty our coating for 5 years in any environment. All worn plaques can be sent back for refinishing at any time for a nominal fee.

How long will the plaque last?

Bronze plaques will last hundreds, if not thousands of years depending on the care. If they get old and worn they can be “refinished” to look good as new! Shop bronze plaques online here.

Do you refinish plaques?

Yes, we have refinished national register plaques, custom plaques, roadside markers, grave markers, stainless steel bench plaques, bas relief plaques, navy plaques, routed plaques, and many others. Please call for a free consultation and refinishing prices.

Do you recycle?

We recycle our scrap in our own furnace. Any shavings, dust, and dross metal accumulated will be sold to the local metal manufacturer to remelt and sell back to us in ingot form. We also reuse our “green sand” on a daily basis.

Can you send me a catalog?

YES, we have a brochure available for our products, including grave markers. Please contact us with your address.

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