National Register Standard Plaques come in standard sizes (7×5, 10×7, 11×8, 15×12), standard color (brown), standard mounting (front), with standard wording.

These plaques come in 7×5, 10×7, 11×8 and 15×12 inches only. We can “customize” your National Register plaque by the addition of your House name, the date it was built, and even the address. These plaques come with 3 additional lines of text included in the price.

Using the latest technology, we offer custom lettering styles, logos, emblems, and borders. We also have a wide range of sizes, standard letters and borders. If you can dream it – we will do our best to make it happen.

Our customer’s favorite plaque designs cast in Bronze or Aluminum awaiting your order.

All of our Cemetery Markers are hand lettered using traditional patterns. Each has wording custom designed by our customers using various emblems and polymer patterns to create a memorial as unique as the person it commemorates.

Pet Memorials in 10 designs with various sizes and your custom text. Custom Pet memorials are also available in cast bronze or aluminum.

Time capsules can be used for display or internment. Standard sizes include 12x12x24 rectangular and 12x12x18 triangular. Custom sizes are available, please call for pricing.

Commemorate a park bench or a special project, label a special piece of art, or affix your business card to a finished project. All this and more is possible with one of our stainless steel bench plaques. Our foundry has been casting Navy Ship Plaques for over 30 years. We have over 150 ship insignia plaque patterns in stock for both current and decommissioned ships.

Metalphoto allows for reproduction of photographs onto photo sensitive Aluminum. Some touch-up can be done on old photos. The main difference between Metalphoto and Etched Photos is that a Metalphoto is smooth to the touch where an etched photo has raised and lowered areas due to the etching process. Our Metal and Etched photo’s can be ordered as “stand alone” plaques, or they can be epoxied to your plaque.