Donor Plaques

Extend your thanks with a handcrafted donation plaque, one of our specialty products here at the Erie Landmark Company. Donor recognition plaques are timeless pieces, remembering an individual or group’s significant contribution long after the project is complete. These plaques can pay tribute or serve as a gift or reward for the time and money spent supporting your cause or construction.

Displaying a donor plaque can also publicize funding efforts, enticing more contributors to join in. Nothing captures and communicates your appreciation for a donor more than a beautiful, stately metal plaque, honoring their generosity for the generations to come.

Aluminum or Bronze Donor Recognition Plaques

Our donation plaques are available in aluminum or bronze, versatile for both interior or exterior use. We create donor plaques for locations such as schools and universities, museums, hospitals, places of worship and historical sites.

Bronze plaques capture an elegant, timeless appearance and develop an attractive patina over time. Their durability ensures your donors are remembered for decades, even centuries in the future. Plus, they can be restored multiple times as needed.

Cast aluminum plaques are sturdy, lightweight and highly customizable. They have an eye-catching, professional shine that proudly displays the names and messages you select.

Whether you finalize your choice on aluminum or bronze, know that you’re creating a lasting piece with a five-year finish warranty for wear and tear and that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Types of Donor Plaques

Individual Donor Recognition

Individual plaques can highlight a person, family or organization along with an optional description. Relief portraits, ceramic photos or metal photos are available to immortalize the donor and let viewers glimpse the life behind the movement.

Donor Recognition Wall Plaques

Wall plaques accommodate multiple nameplates and are therefore ideal for a list of contributors. You can create groups of panels that designate different periods, project stages or sponsor levels. It’s simple to add more donors by mounting new nameplates.

The Design Process for Donor Plaques

Our design stages are straightforward, and we give you personalized guidance through every step. Here’s how the creation process unfolds:

  • Consultation: You’ll discuss the material, lettering and other elements with a skilled Erie Landmark Company artisan. Our team will help you find inspiration, approximate the size and share a competitive price.
  • Design approval: Before we begin working on your plaque at our foundry, you must have a signed proof on your order to indicate you’ve reviewed the final design.
  • Casting: It usually takes four to six weeks to craft your donor plaque and apply the clear protective coating.
  • Shipping: We deliver your finished plaque in a protected package so it arrives in pristine condition. We’re capable of shipping to all 50 U.S. states and internationally.

Contact Erie Landmark Company for More Information on Our Bronze Donor Plaques

At Erie Landmark Company, we continue a legacy of quality craftsmanship that’s endured since 1937. We’re a family-owned company dedicated to forming close relationships with our customers and even closer attention to detail. Our team will strive to exceed your expectations and meet every specification you set.

Begin planning your order for a personalized donor recognition plaque — fill out an online quote today or send us a message.


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