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House Plaques

Your home is the most significant investment you’ll make. While there are many ways to show your pride of ownership, an aluminum or bronze house number plaque is something that will immediately garner attention whenever someone stops by. We cast our products by hand to ensure an exceptionally high level of quality control, with extensive customization options that allow you to put a personal touch on your purchase.

Is your house on the National Register of Historic Places? There’s no better way to showcase that than with one of our plaques. We’ve created countless markers for registered homes across the country. Visit our National Register Plaques page for details.

Whether your house is new or old, an address plaque from Erie Landmark Company adds a touch of timeless elegance that will make it stand out on your block.

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Aluminum and Bronze Address Signs

Bronze and aluminum are both timeless, low-maintenance materials that will last a lifetime. While artisans prize bronze for the rich patina it develops over time, both are excellent choices — ones we stand behind with a five-year wear and tear warranty on all products.

Our bronze house number plaques are slightly more expensive than aluminum — visit our Pricing page for details.

Our House Address Signs

Homes are unlike anything else in that they’re a combination of history, design and the personalities of the people who live there. Whether your goal is to improve your curb appeal, commemorate your connection to history or simply add a unique touch, we can design a plaque for you. Our products include:

  • Bronze address plaques: Our standard bronze address plaques are anything but plain. A wide range of options opens the door to a virtually unlimited number of potential designs. Choose from multiple fonts, borders, background colors, mounting styles and more — whether your tastes are modern, traditional or anywhere in between, we can put together a design that works for you.
  • Custom house plaques: Maybe you have something particular in mind that doesn’t fit one of our standard designs. Or, maybe you need a custom shape to complement your home’s unique architecture. Whatever the reason, we’ll work with you to create a truly custom design that captures the feel of your home.
  • National Register plaques: Getting your house listed on the National Register of Historic Places is an achievement. Unfortunately, as many registrants learn the hard way, plaques are not automatically provided to homeowners. You’ll need to commission your own marker for your property, which is where we come in. We have multiple standard plaque designs ready to go, with economical options in bronze and aluminum.
  • Custom National Register plaques: If you’d like to spend a little more and help your home stand out, we also offer National Historic Register plaques. Why not add an etched, metal photo, ceramic or bas relief image? We can work with any source material — including historical photographs — to add an artistic touch to our standard house plaques.

How Does Our Process Work

Whether you want a standard or custom house plaque, every design begins with a consultation with one of our team members. We’ll go over your options and put together a detailed proof for you to review.

Once you’ve approved the design, we create each plate in-house using a specialized no-bake sand casting process that produces a finely detailed finish. After the cast is complete, we polish your plaque by hand to further bring out its natural luster, then apply a protective clear coat to prevent damage caused by exposure to the elements. Then, we ship the finished product to you to enjoy.

Typically, the entire process takes between 4-6 weeks — or longer if the job requires a custom mold. For more information or to request a quote, contact Erie Landmark Company today.




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