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Military Plaques

If a member of your family is in the military or has served in the past, there are many ways to show your respect. Few tributes are as timeless as a bronze plaque or seal. Erie Landmark Company is proud to offer a wide range of exceptionally high-quality military memorials and related products.

In the past, we’ve manufactured plaques and seals for U.S. Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force bases and memorials, as well as civilians who want a memorial plaque to match that of a loved one in the armed forces.

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Benefits of Bronze Military Plaques

Nothing else looks quite like bronze. There’s a reason humans have been working with it for thousands of years โ€” and a reason why it’s still used in memorials, seals, plaques and markers that honor our most significant people, places and events.

Bronze military seals are durable enough to stand the test of time. These plaques require no regular maintenance and will continue to look dignified even with exposure to extreme weather conditions.

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A Timeless Tribute to Those Who’ve Served

Our military seals and plaques have many potential applications, including:

  • Bronze military memorial plaques: Commemorate the life of a veteran who made the ultimate sacrifice with a bronze memorial plaque. We offer attractive, timeless plaques that mark the true dignity of service, whether they’re intended for use at a grave or as part of a statue or other memorial.
  • Bronze military seals: Commission a bronze military seal for use in an official government building or statue, or to honor a veteran in other ways. We have seal molds for all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as the Great Seal of the United States. As a result, we can turn around new requests with a shorter lead time.
  • Bronze veteran grave markers: We manufacture bronze plaques to complement the official veteran grave markers given to honorably discharged veterans by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Most often, a spouse, parent or child of a veteran will request this to match a loved one, which is why we use the same 24-by-12-inch pattern and design elements used by the VA.
  • Bronze Navy ship plaques: Our ship plaques and seals are also ideal for current and decommissioned Navy ships. We have molds for over 150 different types of official insignia, and finish each seal with a clear coat to protect it from wind, water or salt exposure.
  • Custom military plaques: None of the types of plaque listed on this page meet your specific needs? We can create a custom military memorial to your exact specifications. Reach out to learn more.

Our Military Plaque Process

We start each new military memorial plaque by working with you to craft a suitable design. You’ll deal directly with one of our experts as we strive to bring your vision to life. We can create our initial proof from an existing photo or image, or design something new from the ground up.

Once that’s been approved, we cast the seal or plaque in our foundry, hand polish and finish it, and deliver it to you. Typically the process takes between 4-6 weeks, though some projects have shorter lead times.

Why Work With Erie Landmark Company?

We’re a family-owned business with deep military roots โ€” in the more than 80 years we’ve been in operation, at least one member of each generation has served in the military in some capacity. We know the sacrifices our troops make to keep us safe, and we’ve felt the toll that service takes on their families. It’s a lived experience that goes into every one of our military designs.

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