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In a world that can feel increasingly disposable, the people, places and things we cherish most are worth remembering forever. Erie Landmark Company’s memorial plaques are a forever tribute to the things we love, whether they’re someone who’s no longer with us, a cherished pet, a special place or an unforgettable moment. And while there are many ways to hold on to something in your heart, a memorial plaque is a great way to bring that memory to life — and ensure it continues for years to come. We are a family business with more than 83 years of experience manufacturing memorial grave markers and commemorative plaques in bronze and aluminum. With a wide range of options and an artisan’s attention to detail, our products offer a one-of-a-kind tribute.

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Aluminum and Bronze Memorial Plaques

We manufacture our memorial plaques from aluminum or bronze — materials that will stand the test of time. Both aluminum and bronze memorial plaques are highly durable and weather-resistant, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and require little to no maintenance. We finish all plaques with a protective clear coat finish to prevent corrosion and further add to their durability.

The main differences between aluminum and bronze come down to look and price. Aluminum has a silvery, metallic finish, whereas bronze develops a rich patina over time. This highly sought-after effect is one of the main reasons why bronze has been the material of choice for plaques and memorials in the past — and one of the reasons why our bronze products command slightly higher prices than aluminum.

Aluminum is lighter and softer than bronze, which means it can damage more easily. However, all our products come with the same five-year warranty coverage for normal wear and tear.

Aluminum has the potential to outlast us and our children. Bronze has the potential to outlast everyone.

Types of Memorial Plaques

Just as there are many different things worth remembering, there are many different types of commemorative plaques. Our products include:

  • Bronze memorial plaques: Our standard bronze memorial plaques are a timeless tribute. And with a wide range of design and color options, there are plenty of opportunities for incorporating a personal touch.
  • Pet memorial plaques: Remember your dear pet forever with a pet memorial plaque. We can even add an etched, metal or ceramic photo, or a bas relief sculpture created by our in-house artisans.
  • Bronze grave markers: We can design an aluminum or bronze grave marker that captures the spirit of your loved one. Choose from a wide range of single and companion designs, with or without a vase, emblem or other elements.
  • Memorial bench plaques: Outdoor memorial plaques such as those intended for benches must be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Choose a quality aluminum or bronze bench plaque from Erie Landmark Company and rest easy knowing you’ll be preserving an important memory for years to come.
  • Metal, etched and ceramic photos: Our metal, etched and ceramic photos add a realistic touch to any memorial plaque. We can work with any high-quality image (minimum of 300 dpi) and offer several options for incorporating it into a marker.

How Our Memorial Plaque Process Works

A great memorial plaque starts with a great design, which is why we offer one-on-one consultations as part of every order. We’ll discuss your requirements and put together a detailed work plan and proof. Once that’s approved, we cast each plaque in our in-house foundry and then finish it by hand to bring out its unique natural luster.

It’s a time-consuming process — lead times are typically between four and six weeks — but we think you’ll agree that the result is worth it. Check out our Idea Gallery to see some work we’ve done in the past.

We ship our products anywhere in the United States. To start the process and obtain a quote, or learn more about your options for an aluminum or bronze memorial plaque, contact us today.




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