Custom Bronze Plaques & Custom Aluminum Plaques

Custom Bronze Plaques & Custom Aluminum Plaques

There are so many things worth remembering, and custom bronze plaques are one of your best options for properly commemorating a place, an event, a relationship and a wide range of other things. At Erie Landmark, we provide custom cast bronze plaques in Central Pennsylvania, ensuring that any individual or organization has an elegant, durable option for remembrance and commemoration.

Client Testimonial
The plaque has arrived safely and I am very, repeat, very pleased with the quality, fit, finish and your customer service (i.e. the suggested font). Money well spent for a quality product! – Paul E. of North Carolina

The term “custom” matters, too. You may find other providers of bronze plaques who are only interested in offering you an off-the-shelf solution. At Erie Landmark, we are passionate about giving our customers options for truly custom and personalized bronze plaques. We can help make your vision a reality.

Why Choose Custom Cast Bronze Plaques?

Why are custom bronze plaques such a powerful method of commemoration? First of all, they look great. The appearance of a custom cast bronze plaque conveys a sense of seriousness, permanence and reverence. Custom cast bronze plaques are also durable and long-lasting — you can count on them looking great for years to come. You can even refinish them multiple times if needed, and each custom bronze plaque from Erie Landmark comes with a five-year warranty for normal wear and tear.

Our Custom Cast Aluminum Plaquescustom bronze plaque

If you’re looking for something slightly different, you can opt for custom cast aluminum plaques. Our custom aluminum plaques provide a similar style and durability as our custom bronze plaques, and they offer a nice alternative for customers exploring their options. No matter what you choose, you can count on fast turnaround times from Erie Landmark.

Aluminum is a lightweight yet rugged material that exhibits the durability needed to hold up in harsh environments. Due to its silver coloring, aluminum projects a polished, contemporary look that’s ideal for modern buildings and locations. Cast aluminum plaques also tend to be a good choice for more conservative budgets, as they provide an economical material option.

What’s the Difference Between Cast Bronze and Cast Aluminum Plaques?

Though cast bronze and aluminum plaques have many of the same qualities, you’ll find that each possesses slightly different properties and benefits. That’s why it’s wise to choose a plaque with these differences in mind to find the best one for your individualized needs.

Some of the primary differences between cast bronze and cast aluminum plaques include:

  • Composition: Because aluminum is a softer metal, it is significantly lighter than bronze. Bronze has a copper and tin structure, making it much harder than most metal alloys.
  • Look: Cast bronze plaques exhibit a classic, traditional look, while cast aluminum plaques are much more modern.
  • Installation: Bronze plaques hold up well under heavy foot traffic, making them ideal for both in-ground and wall installations. While they can be used in the ground, due to the softer nature of the material, cast aluminum plaques are more suitable for wall-only installation.
  • Cast aluminum will outlast our children and our children’s children.  Cast bronze will outlast everyone.

Custom Plaques For Every Occasion

We serve a wide range of clients with custom bronze plaques and custom aluminum plaques. We serve towns, societies or districts that are looking to commemorate people, places and events. We often work with schools, colleges and churches, too, and we also love to serve individual customers are who looking for a meaningful gift or a way to honor a pet who is no longer with them.

Our custom cast bronze plaques are used as grave markers and as markers for construction companies. No matter why you need a personalized bronze plaque, you’ll find the products, the service and the customization you need at Erie Landmark.

You are only limited by your imagination & your pocketbook! Our customized plaques come in aluminum and bronze. We start with your idea and build the perfect plaque for your individual project. Here is a portion of our list of customized plaques:

custom bronze plaqueWhy Choose Erie Landmark?

Our roots in Central Pennsylvania date back to 1937. Today, we remain a family-owned operation that delivers the utmost in personalized service, creative solutions and professional results. While we have a long history of serving this area, we remain a small business — and everyone here is eager to help customers who call or contact us. When you reach out to Erie Landmark, you’ll find a service representative who will strive to gain a deep understanding of what you’re hoping to accomplish, then outline the possibilities while making expert recommendations.

When you place an order, you can rest assured you’ll get the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each custom bronze plaque we create is held to the highest standards of quality and durability, and we see each order as an opportunity to help a customer commemorate something special. Get in touch any time with questions or to learn more about bronze and custom aluminum plaques from Erie Landmark.




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