Flat Bronze Grave Markers

The loss of a beloved friend or family member can be an incredibly trying time. It may be difficult to determine the best way to memorialize someone who is so important to you. Cherish the memory of your loved one with a flat bronze cemetery marker — our flat headstones are economical, while bronze is an ageless standard that will honor their legacy for an eternity.

Benefits of Bronze Flat Headstones

  • Life: When you choose a durable bronze headstone, you have peace of mind that your loved one’s memorial will last for generations. A bronze flat headstone can last over 500 years.
  • Care: Bronze is low-maintenance compared to some other materials commonly used for cemetery markers. Our bronze headstones require relatively little care, and their clear protective coating is covered by a five-year warranty for normal wear and tear.
  • Appearance: Bronze is a classic, timeless choice for your loved one’s memorial. It can be refinished multiple times to look as good as new for years to come.

Flat Bronze Cemetery Marker Sizes & Options 

No matter how you want to honor your loved one, we have options for you to choose from. Our flat bronze cemetery markers can be customized as you see fit to match your vision.


Choose from 12 standard sizes for your flat bronze cemetery marker:

  • 12 x 8
  • 14 x 6
  • 16 x 8
  • 16 x 24
  • 18 x 8
  • 20 x 10
  • 24 x 12
  • 24 x 14
  • 32 x 10
  • 36 x 13
  • 44 x 13
  • 44 x 14

Should you prefer a larger or smaller custom size, the team at Erie Landmark Company can make the headstone to your specifications.


Choose from the following options to customize your loved one’s grave marker:

  • Design: Select one of over 60 patterns to customize your flat bronze headstone. We offer floral designs, beveled edge, military patterns and more. Our team can also produce custom designs, such as a family photo or a portrait.
  • Background color: Our bronze memorial plaques are available in a variety of colors to capture the spirit of your loved one or complement other stones in a family plot. We can also create custom colors upon request.
  • Emblems: Emblems offer another way to personalize your bronze cemetery marker at Erie Landmark. Learn more about our emblems below.
  • Custom Text: Personalize your flat bronze grave marker with custom text such as poems, bible verses, specialty phrases or family sayings.


 Browse our selection of emblems for bronze cemetery markers, including some of the following designs:

  • Praying hands
  • Religious symbols
  • Military symbols
  • Sports symbols
  • Flowers
  • Plants and Animals

Emblems are a way to honor the things that meant the most to your loved one. Custom options are also available.


Our bronze grave markers can be thought of in two categories: those that come with a vase integrated into the design and those that do not. The following sizes are set up for an integral vase:

  • 20 x 10
  • 16 x 24
  • 24 x 14
  • 36 x 13
  • 44 x 13
  • 44 x 14

Please note that the 16 x 24, 24 x 14 and 44 x 14 markers are designed with flowers around the vase holes. If you choose not to integrate a vase into the design, we recommend adding a photo or emblem in its place for a more cohesive appearance.

If you choose a different size, you can purchase a separate vase unit to put into the granite or cement backer. These vases come with 6 or 7-inch rings.

Separate bronze vase units are also available for purchase if you opt for another material for the cemetery marker, such as granite.

Order a Flat Bronze Grave Marker From Erie Landmark Company

Erie Landmark Company is a family business, so we know just how important it is to honor loved ones. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail are unmatched. Contact us online today for pricing requests or more information about our bronze flat headstones.

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