Vertical Address Plaque 4×13

bronze house plaque with addressVertical House Number Plaque

The way your address is displayed in front of your home is critical. If your address number is in an unusual place, or the numbers are faded or obstructed, you could miss important mail, have guests struggle to find your home or even have unwanted lost strangers coming by. In addition, faded or missing numbers can hurt the overall look of your home’s exterior.

Let Erie Landmark Help With an Attractive Vertical Address Sign

A brand-new vertical house number plaque made out of cast bronze or aluminum is the perfect solution to this problem. We can make a custom vertical address plaque that adds distinction to your home and shows your address clearly without taking up too much space or interfering with your home’s exterior design.

We can make your vertical house number sign in Oshalloy bronze or 319 aluminum and customize it to your specifications. Your vertical address sign comes with a five-year normal wear and tear warranty, and we can refinish it multiple times as the years go by to keep it looking its best.

cast aluminum house plaqueErie Landmark Sets the Standard for Bronze and Aluminum House Plaques

When it comes to high quality, beautifully crafted vertical address plaques, there’s no better choice than Erie Landmark. We have roots in this community going back over 80 years and a powerful commitment to decorating homes, businesses & properties with the best possible custom plaques. We are a small company that is family owned, and whenever you call us, you’ll always speak to an enthusiastic representative who will take a personal interest in your plaque needs.

To get started, all you have to do is reach out. Contact Erie Landmark to talk about your custom vertical address plaque today.

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