If you’re looking for ways to enrich your town’s aesthetic and appeal to the public, you can take some simple steps to improve its overall appearance. How might beautifying a city improve it? It can help draw attention to the region’s hidden gems, give the town a fresh look and add a welcoming air that appeals to visitors. Take a look at these ideas for beautifying your town’s parks and the community as a whole.

1. Plant Greenery

How can you help beautify your community? One easy way is to plant more greenery. Beautiful foliage and plants add vibrancy and life to a space, fill empty ground patches and enhance curb appeal. A few trees, new grass, some flower beds or a few bushes can go a long way toward enriching your community.

For residents who don’t have the space for cultivating a garden at home, you can offer community gardens. Consider providing public parks where they can rent plots and grow their own flowers, herbs and veggies. You’ll be able to enrich your community with more garden greenery, and you’ll give residents the chance to get involved and benefit from what they’ve grown.

2. Clean up Trash

Waste lying around town can mar its public image and distract from the beautiful features of the region. Try to help collect litter if you come across it along the road and encourage others to do the same. You might also plan a community cleanup day to get residents engaged in helping tidy up around their properties.

3. Paint Around Town

With a fresh coat of paint, you can enhance old buildings and add new, vivid touches of color to formerly drab spaces. A splash of vibrant colors like red or blue can draw attention to a building or evoke the appearance of its historical past. You can also use paint to make older fences and other materials look new and fresh again.

If you’re looking for ways to engage the community in your efforts, you could consider public art. Talk with local school art classes and see if students and teachers have ideas about where murals and other public art could go around town. You can also commission local artists to add their unique touch to the city with their art pieces on walls, sides of buildings and other eye-catching locations.

4. Set up Park Plaques

Help people learn more about the historical significance of their area with park plaques. You could describe important events, set up tributes to influential community members or talk about regional history with an elegant plaque along the walkway or at a viewpoint. If you have historic buildings in your district, get some national register plaques to celebrate their long legacy in the region.

5. Offer Walking Tours

Have you ever considered walking tours to help people learn about your town? Trips like the Historic Lancaster Walking Tour guide visitors through some of the city’s most scenic and culturally influential regions. It’s an option that enriches visitors’ understanding of the town and surrounding area, and it can help you attract new tourists.

To create your local walking tour, you could set up some self-guided tours with plaques along the way to note areas of significance or historical buildings. On each plaque, provide some insight into the events that happened at the site, the relevant dates and key figures involved. These markers are a great way to give visitors a snapshot of what makes your town special! 

Another option is to provide scheduled, guided tours along these stopping points. By highlighting the best parts of town, you can help draw attention to gems visitors and residents alike might have missed.

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