erie landmark pet plaquesThe passing of a pet can be an incredibly emotional time. No matter what point you are at in your life, your pet played a big role in it. Maybe you had them since you were a child, it’s the first pet you and your spouse shared, or your children wanted to adopt the pet. Pets become part of our families and many people understandably want to remember them that way. It’s becoming more and more common to purchase a memorial plaque for your pet once they’ve passed on; here are reasons you should consider it.

They were a major part of your life

Your pet was a major part of your life. They likely helped comfort you during stressful and emotional moments and brought an endless amount of joy with their antics. They may have been your companion while you lived alone or went hunting with you. Maybe you took them on runs and hikes. Your pet might have helped your child come out of their shell or helped your family through a traumatic event. Whatever the role they played, it was important to you. Honor the impact they had by choosing a memorial plaque.

You have a physical way to remember them

Pictures and videos are a great way to remember your pet, but having a tangible memorial plaque is a physical way to remember them and honor their life. You can customize your memorial plaque by getting it in different metals, with a personalized message, and adding an etching or photo of your pet.

Creates a place for reflection

Many people opt to place pet memorial plaques somewhere outside. You can set aside a designated area of your yard to create a garden and make it a nice place for remembrance and reflection. You can take time to mourn your pet here and also just find a quiet space to get away from the stress of life.

Placement in a pet cemetery

Many regular cemeteries have begun incorporating areas set aside for family pets. Other cemeteries are created exclusively for people to use for their pets. If you opt to memorialize your pet at a pet cemetery, a memorial plaque can be a great option to mark their plot.

At Erie Landmark, we provide a wide-range of memorial plaque options to remember your pet. We offer plenty of options will work with you to find the best fit. Visit our website or call today for more information: 1-800-874-7848.

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